Believing in the abilities of all children

Milestones Staff

Milestones’ senior staff members have extensive training and years of direct experience teaching children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. An individual must have a minimum of four years experience working in the field of autism implementing ABA programs before they are considered for a supervisory position. 


Treatment teams are made up of the following positions:

Programs funded by Insurance:

A Clinical Supervisor who conducts the assessment and the treatment plan in coordination with a program manager. Supervision of the ABA team is provided by the Clinical Supervisor.

An ABA Program Manager who works directly with the client, the ABA paraprofessionals, and the parents to ensure consistency among team members. The ABA Program Manager meets on a regular basis with the Clinical Supervisor for ongoing case review.

ABA Paraprofessionals who meet with the client on a daily basis to implement the treatment plan.

Programs funded by RCEB and School Districts

A  Head Supervisor who develops and oversees the program, works directly with the client, the ABA therapists, and the parents.

Manager who collaborates with the supervisor and ABA therapists, participates in the development of assessment reports and treatment plans, works with parents and funding sources to secure and maintain funding for a child's treatment program, and who may assist in the coordination of schedules. 

ABA Paraprofessionals who meet with the client on a daily basis to implement the treatment plan.

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