Believing in the abilities of all children

Milestones' Enrichment Program for Social Skills
    (the MEPSS model)

MEPSS Features  
  • The MEPSS model has variations in program curriculum to appropriately match the chronological as well as the developmental age of participants. 
  • The MEPSS program for children 2-3 and the one for children 4-6 years in age looks similar to a preschool or a pre-k class. It includes a circle time with interactive activities, guided playtime, turn taking games, group dance and movement, group tactile activities, and group motor activities such as obstacle courses.  However, unlike a school program, the MEPSS model focuses on social skills development and communication in a therapeutic atmosphere that mimics the flow of a natural social environment. 
  • The MEPSS curriculum is designed to create many moments of shared enjoyment through social activities between participants, to promote reciprocal social interaction through turn taking games, to develop the social skills needed to effectively participate in group games and activities, and to improve social communication skills.
  • MEPSS participants are welcome to bring a friend from school, their neighborhood, or a family member on a regular basis. It is the goal of the MEPSS program to build relationships between children with ASD and their peers, siblings, and other family members while improving social skills.
  • In school programs children are left to socialize on their own. As a result, many social learning opportunities are lost.  Children with ASD need expert guidance to help them successfully interact with their peers. The MEPSS model emphasizes social skills development. We make sure that each child has the support they need to connect with their peers and to further develop play, social, and communication skills. 

  • The MEPSS model is designed for intensive social development as most participants attend one time per week for two to three hours. 

  • The MEPSS model allows space for six children with an ASD and up to three neurotypical children. Key components to the MEPSS model is that it is an intensive social program with a sufficient number of trained staff available to ensure that learning opportunities are identified and facilitated during social activities.

  •  Current MEPSS Groups

    • The MEPSS program for children 2-3 years old meets Wednesday and Fridays from 9:00-12:00. (Fee: This is part of our Early Intervention Program design funded through RCEB)

    • The MEPSS Program for boys 7-9 years old with emerging communication, limited play, and emerging social skills meets on Monday from 3:15-5:15. (monthly registration fee: 280.00)

    • The MEPSS program for 7-9 year old boys whose primary needs are social communication (pragmatics), awareness of social cues, cooperative play, playing as a team member, meets on Fridays from 3-5.  (monthly registration fee: 280.00)

    • The MEPSS program for boys and girls 7-9 years old whose primary needs are participation in large group play activities, turn taking/reciprocal play, and social communication,  meets on Saturdays from 10:30-12:00. (monthly registration fee: 210.00)

    • The MEPSS program for children 4-6 years old whose current needs are to expand play skills, develop simple reciprocal play with peers, basic social communication, and participation in group games meets on Saturdays from 12:30-2:00. (monthly registration fee: 210.00)

    •  If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our MEPSS programs please send an e-mail to Tracie Vickers. Identify the MEPSS group you are interested in and give a brief description of your child including gender, age, and current communication level.

    Milestones does not accept insurance for social groups
    Regional Center funding and private pay are accepted for our social groups

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