Believing in the abilities of all children

ABA Treatment Program


Milestones designs and implements ABA treatment programs for children ages 17 months to eighteen years with ASD and other developmental disorders. 

Depending upon a client’s needs, treatment intensity ranges from 6-30 hours per week.  To inquire about program availability, call us at (925) 286-6050. 

Treatment Program Components:


  • Our  ABA treatment program focuses on improving functioning in the following areas:

  language (expanding the verbal repertoire)
  communication (vocal, sign, written, PECS)

    cognitive skills

gross motor

fine motor 

play and leisure skills
    social skills
    self help skills 
    behavior management
    bilateral integration

We also teach academic skills to children whose program is funded through the school district or when the family pays from private funds for academics. Insurance and RCEB funding does not cover academics unless the skill is related to independent functioning such as counting money to make purchases or reading safety signs. Academic areas that Milestones targets:


  • We use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Discrete Trial Teaching, to teach new skills, decrease maladaptive behaviors, and to teach socially appropriate and functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.


  • We use Child Led Play, Incidental Teaching, and Natural Environment Teaching (NET) to capture naturally occurring motivational operations when pivotal skills can be fostered, to develop rapport with our clients, to generalize skills learned during structured, discrete trial activities, and to further develop play, language, communication, and social skills.


  • We incorporate Interactive Play Activities into our program to enhance our client’s enjoyment of social interaction and to develop reciprocity.


  • We foster social skills development by facilitating Play Dates between our clients and peers from school, the neighborhood, and family members. 


  • We include 30-60 minutes of Neurodevelopmental Exercises in every child’s therapy sessions.  Derived from our work with neurodevelopmental specialists, these activities improve a child’s cognitive functioning, motor planning, language development, and visual management (eye contact and tracking).


Treatment Program Features:


  • We prepare six month Goals and Objectives.  


  • We complete Progress Reports every six months.


  • Directors work with school staff to ensure Continuity Between Home and Classroom Programs.


  • Milestones staff develop positive Behavior Intervention Plans to increase pro-social behaviors and decrease maladaptive behaviors.


  • Each program includes Training for Parents.  


  • Depending upon a child’s needs, our intervention programs range from 6-30 hours per week.






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